Media Eye-Catchingly Advanced in Last 18 Years, Minister Safi

Kabul (BNA) A scientific seminar hosted by the Ministry of Information and Culture, to welcome the 100th independence anniversary of the country was held here in Kabul, BNA reported Tuesday. 
A number of government officials and the leading body of the ministry, some foreign countries ambassadors, UN and EU representatives, foreign guests and representatives of some media outlets have attended the meeting held at the Conference Hall of the Kabul Star Hotel.  Addressing the seminar, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Ms. Hasina Safi said the seminar was held to welcome the country’s 100th independence anniversary with the aim of assessing the last 100 years’ media activity in Afghanistan.  The acting minister noted that King Amanullah, by opening a new chapter in the country’s governance history and supporting the citizenship rights of the people of Afghanistan, guaranteed freedom in various fields, through codification of the democratic laws.  Likewise, with the support of freedom of expression and freedom of publications, the government-run media, for the first time in Afghanistan, started publication which recorded the country’s history, said the minister as quoted by the agency. “In the past 18 years, we are witnessing a new chapter in media freedom and we are experiencing that comparing with the past periods of history, press in the country are unique in term of quantity, quality, diversity and plurality,” she said.  Ms. Safi said the Ministry of Information and Culture has modified for seven times the media laws with the aim of supporting freedom of expression and media.  According to her, creation of joint government and media committee, which is led by Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the Second Vice-President, was a unique symbol in the world.  UN special representative for Afghanistan and UNAMA head Tadamichi Yamamoto also spoke at the ceremony and said: “We were witnessing changes in the Afghanistan media and despite sacrifices and tolerating challenges, the Afghanistan media have not retrograded but made efforts to advance more and to take high position.”  The UN representative also voiced the UN support to media and journalists and generally the media outlets, in Afghanistan, the agency added.