Chief of Staff Directorate

Chief of Staff Directorate


The Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) office of chief of staff is one of key presidencies that its duties are as follow:

  • Arrangement of minister’s meetings, her participation in sessions, instructions of the ministry and receiving of orders and arrangement of proposals as well as registration of orders of ministry.
  • Receiving of letters, approvals of cabinet of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Council of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, after instruction of the ministry, its reproduction for administrations concerned, registration of proposals and petitions after receiving of order to administrations and applicants, dispatching of report in connection with realization and knowhow of regulations to the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Secretariat of Council of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, dispatching of proposals for receiving of orders of the presidential office of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan and its communication to related organs. Propagation of letters to government and non-government administrations, welcoming of foreign senior guests including foreign, government and non-government ones, arrangement of the meetings of the MoIC, arrangement of meetings of acting minister of MoIC, arrangement of telephone contacts of the ministry to the administrations in capital and provinces as well as notification of instructions of MoIC.
  • Performance of all applications and letters received by 33 provincial information and culture departments, and their dispatching to general departments for submission of feed-back.
  • Providing facilities in collection, studying and analyzing of reports received from provinces and their submission to the presidency for the removal of problems facing in work time.
  • Dispatching of guides, policies, plans, strategies and instructions of the ministry to the provincial departments of information and culture for implementation.
  • Coordination and giving linkage of provincial departments of information and culture with each other.
  • Coordination and giving linkage of departments of information and culture with central departments of MoIC.
  • Control and supervision from performances of employees concerned for further arrangement of affairs.
  • Performance of provincial tours for evaluating of affairs and maintaining coordination between control and provincial administrations.
  •   Submission of necessary consultations to provincial units for access to the achievements are expecting.
  • Arrangement of seminars, workshops, conferences, sessions and functions of government and non-government organs.
  • Supervision and control from distribution of ID-cards for journalists including domestic and foreign one for better arrangement of affairs.
  • Maintenance of relation with cultural, political and social centers and audio-visual media for their invitation to conferences.
  • Giving information to media and cultural institutions about conferences, functions and seminars.
  • Giving books needed by journalists for realization of goals and achievements necessary.
  • Receiving and dispatching of all letters belonging to the MoIC’s other related organs, government and non-government organs as well as handing over of documents and background of previous years from the archive of the center of ministry.

Head of the minister’s office:

Mohammad Omar Zwak

Contact No: 0704015282- 020212825     

Email add: momarzwak@