Directorate of Govt. Dailies

For the first time, the directorate of Government Dailies was established in 2012 in the framework of Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC).

Previously, the government dailies were promoting their activities independently. In very days of its establishment, the directorate of Government dailies were included of five dailies and one magazine as follow:

-         Anis Daily

-         Islah Daily

-         Hewad Daily

-         The Kabul Times Daily

-         Watandaran Daily

-         Anis-i-Kodak magazine

With implementation of new plan, The Watandaran Daily has been changed into Watandarna Magazine in 2016.

Since the beginning of the same year, monthly, The Watandaran Magazine is publishing in five languages of : Uzbeki, Turkmeni, Baluchi, Pashaee and Nooristani.

The first director of Government Dailies is Dr. Shamsulhaq Aryanfar who is appointed in this post in Assad 14.1391 through competitive examination of Administrative Reformation Commission that continues his duty in this post till date.

In the framework of this presidency 173 employees are working in eight sections such as:

Directorates of Anis, Hewad, Islah, The Kabul Times, Watandaran, Afghan Advertisements, Anis-e-Kodak and website section.


Within this time, for expansion of government dailies in better publishing and broadcasting information qualitatively and quantitatively, the directorate of government dailies executed the following plans and programs:

1-    In first step, for timely publishing information and healthy receiving of information by our compatriots, the directorate of government dailies made a decision to transfer dailies to remotest provinces of the country as soon as possible and for this purpose contracts were signed with private transport.

Five zones cover the areas.

Eastern zone: Nangarhar, Laghman, Kunar and Nooristan.

 Southern zone:  Logar, Paktia, Paktika, Khost.

Northern zone:  Samangan, Balkh, Jouzjan, Fariab and Saripul.

 North-eastern zone:  Baghlan, Kunduz, takhar and Badakhshan.

Central zone:  Parwan, Kapisa and Panjsher.

With execution of this program, the dailies could be transferred in the dawn with moving of first motor vehicle to the aforesaid provinces.

From 8 am to 2 or 3 pm all government dailies were receiving in the said provinces, and in the remaining provinces, the process of dispatching dailies were continuing via post office of ministry of communications and information technology such as before.

This program was very effective.

But, because of lack of budget, this program was stopped after one and half year.

2-    To rescue from monotony that all three government dailies Hewad, Anis and Islah are compelled to cover all government news, it was decided, the three dailies to promote their publications with three approaches.

Anis should be a political daily and should pause more on political issues.

Hewad should be an economic daily and publish the report and economic achievements.

Islah should be a social-cultural daily and reflect the cultural and social issues including the family one.

3-    Based on a working program, the heads of provincial departments of information and culture were invited to Kabul in 2013 and held a three-day workshop in the hall of MoIC.

Within this period, collective meeting was held.

A plan was drafted in the field of cooperation of the information and culture departments of the provinces with media of capital.  The draft was submitted to them so that with dispatching of news, reports, interviews, introduction of cultural and academic personalities, attractive sites of tourism, and other specifications of the provinces help government media accordingly.

Through this, the relations between people and media were further strengthened country-wide.

4-    Training programs were held to enhance capacity of media and workshops were also launched in the fields of photography, writing in the press, provision of report, interview and news that in every course, over 30 employees of the dailies were attended.

5-    A plan was submitted to the MoIC presidential office that based on the same at least, two government dailies should cover all country-wide issues and publish in 20000 copies daily.

The plan anticipated with execution of it, like other developed regional countries, Afghanistan also owns country-wide dailies.

6-    To make homogeneous the reports are publishing in media a press reporting guide was prepared and laid at the disposal of writers and employees of the dailies.

7-    To serve the culture and letter of languages spoken in the country, a decision was made The Watandaran daily be changed into five independent magazines.

From the beginning of solar year 1395, publishing of Watandaran monthly independent  magazines were begun in the languages of Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluchis, Pashaee and Nooristani.

Annually, 12 magazines would be published in every language.

Beside publishing of important events of the country, these magazines would be the introducers of culture, history, folklore and moral and material riches of fraternal tribes residing in Afghanistan.

8-    For the first time, site of government dailies, was planned and established.

Now, four dailies of Anis, Hewad, The Kabul Times, Islah and Watandaran magazines in the languages of Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluchis Pashaee, Nooristani and Anis-e-Kodak can be received through the site of government dailies (

9-    Within this period, over 20 employees of this administration were visited India, China and Korea and trained.

10-                       Those dailies had no permission to publish advertisement, now, with publishing advertisement, their annual income reached to 30 million Afghani.

11-                       The department of the dailies presented a plan. Its draft says: if there were presidential office decree in benefiting from 50 percent dailies income for their expenditures, it would be possible the country-wide dailies with 20000 copies be published free of charge.  

12-                       Reform was completely executed in the presidency of government dailies.

13-                       After long years, technical equipping of dailies took place for the first time in 2016 and the dailies equipped partly.