Anis Kodak (Child Anis)

Anis Kodak magazine or ( De-kamkayno Anis magazine) together with other new leaflets such as Lumer Monthly Kahol ( family) letter, started it publication in 1328. Lumer, Kahol and De- kamkayno Anis established in time, Dr. Mahmood Habibi assigned as Minister of Information and Culture.

Earlier to this, just Zhoundoon (Life) Magazine as the only and the most ancient as   family magazine publish since 1327, regretfully after a period ceased its publication. Anis Kodak magazine was the first allocated magazine to children, beside Zhoundoon which also release family issues, played a great role in training, teaching and entertaining families.

Anis Kodak started its publication when late Professor Shafi Raguzar served as director of this publication institute. From 1344 up to 1348 Anis daily on its Thursday’s pages released subjects relevant to the children. In 1348, decided to a magazine for children under the topic of Anis Kodak to be release. Mr. Rahguzar who for the first time designed, determined the contents and form of the magazine said to his colleagues whose number was less than the fingers of the hand said,” the Kamkayano Anis due to its name children should not consider away from the aspirations of the people it will be a light on the horizon of our press, that will enlighten all future values. If we not as responsible journalists not to take effective steps forward, the history we will impeach us.”

The first issue of Kamkayano Anis under directorship of Mr. Mohammad Tahir Beyria published in 1348.

Mr. Jalal Noorani was the editor- in - chief of the magazine, 1354 to 1356 then Mrs.Nadia assigned as his successor.

After April quo, the publication of Anis Kodak magazine ceased and other leaflets under the topic of Paishhang (scout) for children and Durfsh- i - Jawanan ( Youth Banner) started their publication by initiative of the then Youth Organization.

In 1364 when Mr. Jalal Noorani served as editor – in – chief of Anis daily Anis Kodak magazine revived with 28 personnel and staffs. The editor – in – chief the magazine was Mr. Mahdi Basheer and Mrs. Nadira Abdullah served as deputy editor.

After those great personalities, the follow journalists served repctively as editor- in – chief of Anis Kodak: Mrs. Asifa Mehr, Mr. Hamayoon Etimadi, Mrs. Taiba Sahila, Mr. Halim Qudrat, Mr. Aziz Rerozn, Maulawi Rabiullah Farouqi, Qari Muhibullah Sharif and Khalil Fakhri .

The magazine published weekly.

In 1381, Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob assigned as editor – in – chief of the magazine. In Hamal first,( 21 of March) 1390 it was decided the magazine to be publish once in every 15 days. The number of its pages was at least 32 pages.