The Kabul Times Daily

The Kabul Times Daily is one of credible publications in English language and introduces the real face of Afghanistan to the world.

This daily is the only pride for Afghanistan that aware the world people about the policies of different statesmen and follows suit till date.

Based on the instruction of Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan, this daily was established in February 27, 1962 and its first Editor in-Chief was Sabahuddin Kushkaki.

In that time, The Kabul Times was publishing as periodical in five columns three times a week and after passing a while, it changed into Daily and continued its activities as enterprise in the frame work of Bakhtar Agency.

Then, Mr. Sayed Khalil was appointed as Editor in-Chief of The Kabul Times.

He was fluent in English language and was an engineer in communications field.

He was not familiarize with press but existence of experienced and professional employees helped him promote the duty.

In 1965, Mr. Sayed Shafie Rahel was appointed as Editor in-Chief of The Kabul Times.

He had MA in journalism from the US. Rahel promoted his mission till 1974.

In 1975, Noor Mohammad Rahimi who promoted his education in journalism profession in the US was tasked to promote the post.

After communist coup in 1978, Kazem Ahang who was the lecturer of faculty of journalism in Kabul University, was appointed as Editor in-Chief of The Kabul Times.

With the invasion of Red Army to Afghanistan, the name of The Kabul Times was changed into The Kabul New Times.

Within the years of presence of Red Army in Afghanistan, the following were the Editor in-Chiefs of The Kabul Times respectively.

Azam Rahnaward, Berna Asefi, Rahim Rafat, Abdul Aziz Daneshyar, Quddous Lemar and Mohammad Qabool.

At the end of period of Dr. Najibullah, some other ones like Seddiq Rahpo, Abdul Ghafour Shokori and Ali Gul Pewand promoted the post.

With the collapse of communist regime and taking power by Mujaheddin, another transformation took place.

At this time publishing of The Kabul Times was stopped for a while, then, it was publishing once in a week.

In that time one of press figures Abdul Saboor Raheel was appointed as Editor in-Chief of this daily and The Kabul Times was printing in Charikar, the capital city of Parwan.

After the collapse of Mujaheddin, in the dark period of Taliban, Eisa Khan Tasal, Enayet Kakazada and Suhail Shaheen were the incharges of The Kabul Times.

With taking power by interim administration and collapse of Taliban regime, its publication stopped for third time and began its publication in Hamal of 1381 again as once in a week.

In that time, Shoaib Sharifi was managing the publication affairs of the daily as acting editor in-Chief. Then, it was publishing three times a week in 1382.

In Hamal 19, 1385, once again it changed into daily newspaper and continuing its publication so far.

In 1381 solar year, one of writers and penmen of the country, Abdul Haq Waleh promoted the daily affairs as Editor in-Chief for six years.

After the death of Waleh, Dr. Zahir Seddiq, a journalist was Editor in-Chief of The Kabul Times from 1387 to 1389.

He was a well-known figure in the press of Afghanistan.

In Hamal, 1390, Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Ahmadzai was appointed as Editor in-Chief of The Kabul Times and continued his mission in this post till Saratan, 1392.

Because of continuation of higher education Master, Mr. Ahmadzai didn’t continue its duty in this post and from that time till Dalw of that year Mrs. Najiba Maram who continued her duty as deputy editor in-chief was tasked as acting editor in-chief by ministry of information and culture.

It is mentionable that at the end of 1392, Mrs, Maram was appointed by ministry as head of publications of ministry of information and culture.

One of the talented and active youths, Mr. Hamidullah Arefi was appointed as Editor in-Chief of The Kabul Times in 2014 and is promoting his mission in this post till date.

As a result of efforts made by the staff of The Kabul Times, the latter did its audience be witnesses of improvement of its publication and also did to replace and find its main position among state and private media.

This daily is entering into 55th year of its publication that its staff are making effort day and night for ever-further improvement of their media activities.