Watandaran (compatriots) Publication Department

Brief history of department of Watandaran.

 Publications The Department of Watandaran Publications first launched in the year 1384 in the form of a four-page publication in five languages. The first issue was published in five languages: Uzbek, Baluchi, pashaie, Turkmen, and Nuristani (15th) in 2005.

After the sixth issue, it coincided with the month of May 2006 for the decision of the honorable authority of the Ministry of Information and Culture of each of these languages, with an independent jury. By the last day of 1394, each of the presses, a week on a four-page issue, was cut off Printing and publishing.

On the basis of the readers' request and the proposal of the Department of Publications and Travelers and the President of the Ministry of Information and Culture, since the beginning of the year of 1395, publications have been modified in the form of magazines, in which six monthly patrons of six official languages The publishing house is distributed free of charge in twenty provinces of the country.

 The Ministry of Information and Culture Office of the Ministry of Information and Culture is currently publishing six monthly magazines in six languages: Uzbek, Baluchi, Pashayee, Turkmen, Gujary and Nuristani.

Purpose: The purpose of the publications and the promotion of the third official languages of the country, and awareness of the constitution, the functions of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the fulfillment of the sixth, sixteenth and twenty-thirds of the Constitution of the country.

In 1396, the Gujarat language section (Gujarat Magazine Management) was added to the Department of Publications and Posters, and the magazine Gujari started its publication in June 1396.

 Mr. Mohammad Zaman Kulmani was the first president and director of the Watandaran magazine, who served from 1384 to 5/4/1390, and was subsequently remunerated by Mr. Samiullah on September 6, 2011 as Director and Chief Executive Officer.

 So far, it is responsible. Managers of the six magazines now have the following managers: - Abdul Rahman suhbat son of  Muhammad ishan, director of the Turkmen magazine. - Yalda (Baloch) Bennett Abdul Sattar, Balochi magazine director.

 -Philwan Shah (norwani), d/o iqbal shah, director of the pasha Yi Magazine

- yalda d/o Abdul satar, director of the baluch Magazine

- Abdul Razzaq (Omar) son of Muhammad Omar, director of the Nuristani magazine.

- Mohammad Rafiq (Qaderi), son of Ghulam,  director of the Ozbaki  magazine. -

- Norahga son of Abdul Khalil, director of the Gujari  magazine.

 On the other hand, 42000 journal issues each month, each of which is 80 pages, is distributed to thousands of free readers in twenty provinces of the country.

 It should be noted that the publications and patrols of a past one office were at the level of the head of the board, but during the administrative reform, the head of the state newspapers was set up as a department.

          Mohammad zaman kolmani sec of watandaran Publications          Samiullah taza the secand boss and director of   watandaran Publications