Afghan Advertisements, Dailies distribution branch


The Afghan Advertisements and Dailies Distribution is one of the major and basic branches within the Govt Dailies Department as The Afghan Advertisements is operating in two sections:

1-     Receiving and publishing advertisement, commercials, procurement, missings and announcement of government and non-government branches and individuals through government dailies and Radio Afghanistan. Four Departments are operating inside it.

Estimation Department: Precisely deals with received advertisements, calculate them and specifies their copyright.

Revenues Department: Checks and assesses the calculation of advertisements, according to relevant bills, receive its price and send it to receipt writing Department for registration.

Receipt writing Department: It writes the receipt for copyright according to calculation.

Registration and Issuing Department: It receives the advertisement after proceeding of calculation, estimation, receipt writing and register it.

Arrangement and printing Department: It computerizes and corrects the registered advertisement and send it to government dailies of Anis, Islah, Hewad, The Kabul Times as well as Radio Afghanistan for publishing and then prepare the cutting of advertisement and issues it to sender.

2-     Distribution Department: This department distributes Anis, Islah, Hewad, The Kabul Times, Watandaran Review and Anis Kodak.

Distribution Department of Center: With about 40 employees, it starts distribution of dailies at 5:00 am and distribution should be normally completed at 7:00 or 8:00 am.

Distribution Department of Provinces:

It packs government dailies and magazines on daily basis and sent them to communication for distribution to 33 provinces. Complaints branch is always operating in official hours. It deals with subscribers problems and responses their telephone calls and remove problems.

All telephone numbers of editors-in-chief, responsible secretary and distribution and complaints are printed in all dailies and magazines to facilitate access of subscribers.