Bakhtar News Agency

Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) is the only state run news agency that has been founded as  BNA General Directorate  in 1939 within the framework of the then Press Independent Department.

BNA during almost its 80 years of existence has faced up and downs, but it was capable to perfume its mission and obligations in best way.

BNA during Khalq and Percham rule performed its duties under an independent committee called Bakhtar State Committee. After the collapse of so-called Khalq and Parcham regimes BNA carried out its activities as a general department working under it the following departments: Interior news department, foreign news department, photography department, Pashto News department, technical department, political analysis department, editing department, radios department and some other departments in the capitals of provinces. BNA carried out its duties with about 500 correspondents in the capital and provinces.

Unfortunately, with the commencement   of Administrative Reforms program, the number of BNA staff considerably decreased. Currently BNA is carrying its duties and obligations, mainly informing the people about events and developments in the country and honestly reflects the state’ achievement with only 50 correspondents in the capital and about 70 correspondents in provinces.

The head of BNA second grade position, having four grade positions in its structural formation as follow: Interior News directorate, Foreign News Directorate, Provincial News Directorate and Web – Site Directorate.

The directorates of interior news, political analysis, photography, editing carry out their activities under the Interior news directorate and the translators of national languages and foreign languages carry out their duties out under foreign news department. Web- site directorate without any delay releasing the stories, commentaries, reports, and other relevant issues timely in Dari, Pashto and English languages put at the disposal of its readers.

The provincial news directorate prepares the provincial news and reports from 33 provinces and after editing releases and broadcasts via state run Medias.

 Interior news directorate prepares the relevant stories and releases. The stories then translated in Pashto, English, and release via relevant organs. Sometimes, relevant texts prepare in Pashto and translate in to Dari and English.

Political analyst directorate daily prepare 2 to 3 commentaries, political analysis and reports and release via relevant medias. In commentaries focuses the status of state on major issues and developments of the country and the region and the enemies propagations foils via this directorate.

Editing directorate edits the relevant texts precisely, from grammar and spelling points of view, then E-mails by fax and internet office to state run Medias.

 Photography directorates daily prepare dozens of photos from relevant meetings and gatherings in the capital and provinces and release and publish.

Photography directorate has an archive of photos where thousands films stored. The films are in bad condition, if not digitalized they will damage completely.

Translators’ directorate translates the stories Dari in to Pashto and vice versa and translates relevant English texts in national languages and vice versa and release and broadcast by relevant Medias.

BNA daily prepare about 100 stories, reports, interviews, political analysis, photos etc and put at the disposal of dailies namely Anis, Hewad, Kabul Times, Watendaran and nation radio and TV to release and broadcast for informing the people from the relevant events and developments in the country, the region and entire world.

In addition, private Medias also use the products of BNA.

You can read the latest news in Bakhtar Website