A glance at background of people’s Culture Department

The People’s Culture Department, as a cultural institution, is affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, within the framework of the MoIC involved in improvement and development of people’s written and verbal culture. Since establishment in 1383 solar year it has not and would not spare any efforts and endeavor to serve the country’s writers and cultural professionals according to its available resources. It carrying out activities as following:

-          Safeguarding, celebration, growth and institutionalization of all works monuments and cultural heritages of Afghanistan since the dawn of written history of this territory.

-          Invites profound attention to growing and young talents in the field of science, culture and literature and paves the way for the further growth and enrichment of their spiritual capabilities in close cooperation with other concerned branches.

-          Distinguishes the role of cultural professionals for their active participation in socio, civil life of the country.

-          Organizes conferences gatherings, symposiums on celebration of national, international days in coordination with the leading body of the MoIC.

-          Offers suitable a wards to the most top cultural works based on the “Regulation of Cultural, Artistic Awards” enforced according to decree NO 79 dated 18.9.1382.

-          Publishes folkloric materials on mental and spiritual works of national and global cultural professionals addressed during gatherings organized by the MoIC in its monthly publication organ. The Farhang Monthly.

-          Ensuring relation with the country’s cultural and civil society.

-          Holding of cultural festivals particularly annual festival of celebration of Art Day.

-          Holding of celebration functions on New year and other popular, national and ancient festivals.

-          Issuance and registration of permits to artistic and cultural bodies in the light of available laws and regulations and supervising of their regular activities.

-          Taking care of invisible and verbal public knowledge and heritages, their registration and institutionalization in UNESCO, ISISSCO cultural heritages and bilateral cooperations with them.

Main jobs of four basic sections of People’s Culture Department:

1-     Protection and development of the country’s original culture for enrichment and introducing of Afghan people culture and its publishing in culture Monthly.

2-     Collection and reflection of local popular culture of all tribes and ethnic groups, local proverbs and their publishing in Culture Monthly.

3-     Introducing of cultural riches, development and enriching of national culture, recognition of cultural, national dignitaries through holding of seminars, conferences and symposiums.

4-     Management, control, leading and arranging of related activities and works of national writers and cultural professionals.

5-     Establishing relations with cultural, artistic bodies.

6-     Registration and introducing of the names of cultural professionals, writers, poets, by UNESCO website and E-mail add.

7-     Launching of annual entrance examination of cultural, Artistic awards according regulation of cultural, Artistic Awards.

8-     Holding of annual Art Festival.

9-     Holding of celebration function of new year and other national festivals.

10- Holding of seminars and functions and collection of scholars’ essays and their publication in Culture Monthly.

11- Issuance and registration of permits for cultural, Artistic institutions in the light of law.