National Theater

The Procedure of Afghan National Theater


The man since his creation up to now has been trying to do something for relief and calmness of his soul and spirit, in order to please himself and praise the one who have created the man and all other creatures.

In this way, theater is the outcome of the Man’s efforts and for the first time, in every part of the world has rooted in religious ceremonies. Today, in every community observing national values and culture, the communities’ reflects the history the countries and endeavors for the development and richness of their national cultures and traditions.

In our beloved country Afghanistan, theater enjoying a special and proper status in our community, Afghan National Theater formally established in 1343 in framework of ministry of information and culture and presented its artistic work considering the thoughts and psychology of the community. Theater has been an important source of income and public opinions enlightening. Theater in Afghanistan is the only center for propagating and dissemination of national, cultural, religious, and historical and tradition on people and carries out its activities as an authentic center for preaching and disseminating national and religious cultures.

The aim of this organ is awakening of people in to the changes and developments taking place in their social and individuals’ lives. Considering this great aim, Afghan National Theater, prepares and organizes its procedure in (      ) chapters an (     ) articles to preserve national culture and revive the history of the country. 


First Chapter


The writers, directors, artists, technicians and other personnel working with Afghan National Theater are obligated to work and observe the 25 articles presented as following:

First article: the professional staff, technicians and other employees should have a high ethical moral and to respect all social values in dealing people. The National Theater Department will seriously deny employing people with low artistic moral.

Article 2: The staffs who deny observing the content of the first article will sack from the department.

Article 3:  National Theater in recruiting the younger generation both male and female in theatrical section will only one who confirmed by professional board and passing the exam successfully.

Article 4: the National Theater Department attracts and recruits the Fine Arts Faculty graduates base on their field of study and giving an exam.

Article 5: presenting theatrical programs should be confirmed by professional board of national theater and all programs are based on people’s behaviors, social and Islamic values and the publication policy of ministry of information and culture.

Article 6:  the actors and actresses and technicians should be present from the beginning of rehearsals till the end of performances on the stage.

Article 7: The theaters which have been earlier established in the framework of ministries, and cultural and educational institutes should register their theaters in national theater and to present their plans and working reports quarterly to directorate of plays of national theater department.

Article 8: in conducting artistic gatherings across the city should earlier inform the national theater and adopt all their activities according this procedure and obtain the agreement of national theater.

Article 9 : the domestic and foreign private theaters that act of their own in the capital and provinces are obligated to invite a delegation of the professional board of the national theater for checking and assassinating the drama before getting to the stage.

Article 10: the dialogues and sentences should be according to the spirit of drama and seriously avoid using heinous and inartistic dialogues and words. The domestic and foreign theaters only carry out their performances after obtaining the agreement of professional board of national theater and a member of media commission and confirming by the ministry of information and culture then they can take the drama to the stage.

Article 11: Regarding the evaluation the artistic works particularly dramas, observing freedom of press, the professional board and the delegation of the ministry express the opinions should express its idea.

Article 12: the receiver of license should have at least 12 years or artistic work or should have valid education documents. The people, who receive license for carrying out artistic works, cannot use it in other activities.

Article 13:  the private theaters, a year after receiving the license have no any achievements, its activities conceals and loses the right of reactivation.

Article 14: private and other theaters working in framework of state run agency cannot invite the foreign theaters without the agreement ministry of information and culture and Afghan national theater, otherwise, legally investigated.

Article 15: the institutions that funded by friendly countries, should establish their theaters with agreement of minister of information and culture and Afghan National Theater otherwise legally pursuit.

Article 16: copying and plagiarism of artistic works is seriously forbidden, anyone who violates it will legally pursuit and investigated.

Article 17: Ensuring artistic relations with domestic and foreign organizations and participation in theatrical festivals take place by confirmation of ministry of information and culture and Afghan national theater.

Article 18: Afghan national theater is the only authoritative organ that conducting national and international theatrical is a part of its term of reference (ToR), launching such festivals carried out by Afghan national theater wing the agreement of ministry of information and culture

Article 19: the structural formation of both state run and private theaters in provinces carrying out their duties and obligation under the information and culture departments of provinces will determine by endorsement and agreement of ministry of information and culture is among the obligation of Afghan national theater. Afghan national theater can take effective measures for rehabilitation of provincial theaters in support of the ministry of information and culture.      

Article20: if the foreign and domestic cultural organizations in the capital and provinces want to cooperate state run and private theaters in Afghanistan, at first they should contact the authorities of national theater and ministry of information and culture.

Article 21: the department of Nation Theater has full authority in checking and assessment of propagative materials such as posters, brochures and can present effective and necessary measures in that regard.

Article 22:  The Department of National Theater considering its cultural mission will spare no any cooperation to artistic works of domestic and foreign theaters and   will do its best to remove their problems

Article 23:  the earlier established private should prepare and display at least two high level theatrical works annually.

Article 24: private theatrical works in provinces should be evaluated controlled under the view of state run theater delegation of relevant province

Article 25:  All activities of private theaters in provinces should be reported to National Theater by the state run theater of the relevant province.

The procedure has been implemented since the establishment of National Theater of Afghanistan, once again it been prepared and organized and presented to Evaluating Commission to be enforced after ratification of the commission.