Directorate of Conservation

Directorate of Conservation

·         Goals:

-       Maintenance and repair  works of Arts

-        Visual Arts introduction, youths, teenagers and art enthusiasts training in Artistic, and Handicraft Sections.

-       Visual Arts Introduction through holding Art Exhibitions.

-       Criticizing and Evaluation of Wells  during Art Exhibition and Art Programs

-       Connection establishing to Domestic and Foreign institutions, Cultural and Artistic Institutes


·         Conservatory Presidency Contains two department

1.      Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art  Educational Department

2.      National Gallery Department


·         Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Educational Department

-       Has Activity for youths, teenagers and Art enthusiasts section

-       Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Education Department started its work in 1351 in Ministry of Information and Culture in name of Fine Arts, in 1357 changed its name to Ghulam Mohammad Maimangi Artistic Organization then to Gallery of Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi and after that to Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Conservatory and now it is called Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Educationl Department. From Establishment till now, it has offered a big number of students to society, and now in Art, Painting, Calligraphy, Sewing, Computer Design, Art for Children, sewing with Needle section has activity that includes four
professional Administrations.

1.      Painting Administration

2.      Graphic Administration

3.      Children Art Administration

4.      Handicraft and Sculpture Administration

About 300 Students are organized in this center programs and are being taught.

·         National Gallery Department

-       Is active in permanent and temporal exhibitions, restoration and preservation of artistic wells’ sections.

-       In addition, the department has several professional administrations:

1.      General Restoration Administration

2.      Exhibitions Administration

3.      Registration Administration

Which is located in Asmaye Watt Avenue. A number of panels of this department has been destroyed in Talibans’ Period and some of the remaining panels need to sever restoration.

-       The internal personnel of this formation in 1395 reached to 46 pins.

The Conservatory Presidency Address: AbdulHaq Cross Road, 2nd Macroryan, In fornt of Aazadi Press.