Human Resource Directorate

Human Resources


With comprehending of problems and challenges faced by employees during their work, the department of human resources compelled to draft a 5-year strategic plan and implement it.

The main aim of this strategic plan is not only promoting of professional capacity of human resources’ employees and establishment of a modern human resources’ department in the ministry but additionally, is effectively implementation of management new systems, employment through free competition considering the principle of transparency of healthy administration, the system of employees’ liaison, recognition and specification of education requirements, implementation of education programs after drafting of program, implementation of evaluating process, performances and enforcement and improvement of information system of human resources (HRMIS) is also covered so that the human resources of the ministry be able that the strategic goals of Ministry of Information and Culture be achieved through improvement of process of performances by employees of central and provincial departments.

With such an idea, considering the strong and weak points and the threats that are existed before capacity building of employees belong to human resources, to implement reformation process and new systems of management as well as offering of effective services, the draft of 5 year strategic plan covers and shows basic aims and working priorities of human resources department that is arranged and prepared in accord with the key-goals of ministry of information and culture.

In the light of this strategic plan, we can introduce the strong and weak points of opportunities avail and the threats are introducing as follow:

  • Under the guidance of Ministry of Information and Culture, the head of human resources’ department is responsible in connection with all responsibilities of implementation and development of strategy of human resources’ department of the ministry and any directorates of human resources department employment, capacity-building and development of administration, evaluation of performances personnel data department and employees liaison department, are obliged to perform their duties offered to them under the supervision of human resources’ department in accord with job description.

Direction of human resources’ department:

The direction of human resources’ department is explaining clearly the viewpoint, duty, goals, slogans and worthies.

The viewpoint of human resources’ department covers basic worthies, strategic and executive goals that supports the aims of this strategic plan.


The consideration of human resources’ department is equipment of the ministry with professional and capable employees so that the latters can promote their duties and responsibilities towards growth of social, economic, political and security strategy of national development of Afghanistan how it is necessary.

1.2 Explanation of consideration:

The employees of ministry of information and culture are regarding as the worthy capital of this ministry and we are committing before their equipment, continued development and their employment for offering effective services.

1.3 Explanation of duty:

The duty of department of human resources is providing development services and arrangement of qualitative human resources through absorption, protection, encouragement, development of competent and capable making of personnel for offering public services as effective and useful.

1.4 Slogan:

“We are the supporters of your rights in administration”.

We are in your services.

The employees are the spiritual capital of administration and we are in their service.

We are in the service of employees of the ministry.

1.5 Basic worthies:

The basic worthies that viewpoint, mission, goals and the slogan of human resources’ department are based on them, are as follow:

  1. Commitment to duty
  2. Profession
  3. The morale of teamwork
  4. Qualified services
  5. Employees’ welfare
  6. Services on employee pivot

1.6 Strategic goals:

To remove the strategic challenges facing by human resources’ department, the following goals have been drafted:

These goals would be gained in the course of years of 2015-2019.

6.1 High goal:

Promotion of working-capacity, equipment with new and modern technological means, restoration and proving of right, enforcement and rehabilitation of human resources based on benefiting from resources are available (expertized and professional personnel.)