Administrative and Finance Directorate

Administrative and Finance Directorate

The administrative and finance department is one of the most fundamental organs of a ministry, in which administrative and finance department of the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC), based on the strategy of this ministry has a five key role goals. Duties such as all administrative and financial issues, like budget, services, the account performance has been implemented to meet the needs and requirements of the ministry’s offices in the center and provinces on the basis of a regular plan in accordance with a policy approved by the competent authorities, it should be noted that the financial and administrative directorate’s policy is presented in three important sections:

In budget section:

According to the national strategy, the budget of the ministry is regulated by three programs as fallow:

A: In tourism culture section:

Development of tourism and attract tourists for the country’s economic and cultural development.

B: In the section of publications and youth:

Publishing and broadcasting government’s policies’ in political affairs, economic, social and supporting freedom of expression are the main goals of this program, as well youth empowerment, development of their specialized skills, use of talents in advancing economic affair of the country and providing job opportunities are the main goals of the program.

C: In the operational and financial section:

As the backbone, has active role in all arenas of the ministry and aims to provide valuable services in all sectors of tourism, culture, publication and youth.

D: In services section:

Performance according to the requirements of central and provincial departments, after approval by the competent authorities in order to advance the affairs in the framework of the law, in exact regular manner in accordance with systematic plans, as well as positioning, conservation, guarding, designing plans for the ministry’s property and the developments of property is considered a priority for the services department.

The financial and accounting department is required to execute central employees’ salaries and cultural affiliates abroad of the country and performance of allocations in accordance to the first, second and third unit of the ministry plans, based on the work plans for the ordinary and development budget, in agreement with the branches related to the implementation of the contract, the implementation of study income and clearance of ordinary and development accounts for the fiscal year.

Presenting conclusion to the ministry of finance through the branches of the ministry’s finance and accounting department, also the use of all ordinary and development budget will take place at a specified time.