General Directorate of Hotels

General Directorate of Hotels’ Enterprise


Since years, the offering of hotel management services was common in Afghanistan as initially that in various periods was called “caravan Serai”.

With passing of time, hotel and hotel management in our country exited from its initially and got further flourishing.

For the first time, in the framework of Ministry of Communication this enterprise has been established in the name of General management of Kabul Hotel that then, the Khyber and Bagh-i-bala Restaurants have begun their activities in the framework of this management.

The Spozhmai Coffee-House had come into being in Qargha Dam, Istalif Hotel in Takht-i-Isltalef (Istalif Throne) and Koti Be be Khord in Paghman district that attracted the attention of domestic and foreign guests as well as tourists because of tis soft weather, natural scenes and joined with Kabul Hotel.

When the tourism industry grew in international level and some regulations have been imposed on it, Afghanistan also included into this world move and the government made a decision to expand the hotel management services that as a result, in some provinces that were enjoying from touristic sites, new hotels have been build based on that time standard in a vast and first grade area such as Hotel-i-Mazar in an area of 17 acres of Kabul, Kandahar Hotel in area of 13 acres of land, Ghazni Hotel in area of 22 acres of land, Spin Ghar Hotel in area of 36 acres of land and Herat Hotel in area of 27 acres of land.

In 1973, the Hotels’ joint stock co. changed its civil personality into Hotels’ Enterprise.

It is mentionable that the international community especially Germany helped highly Afghanistan in the growth and development of hotel management and tourism and laid down the corner stone of a school in the name of Hotel Management Vocational Lycee in 1961 in the framework of ministry of education.

 At the beginning, the subjects belong to hotel management and tourism were taught by German teachers according to international norm and standard that afterwards for learning of professional subjects of hotel management and tourism and capacity building theoretically, some teachers of Afghanistan such as Abdurrahim, Abdul Khaleq Beena, Ghulam Gailani Noori, Mohamamd Hussain Khan and Ghulam Nabi were sent to Germany that after returning they were